The goal here was to create a mascot which captured the energy and personality of the Activ8me brand. Fun, lighthearted and down to earth. Marco designed the little character named 'M8' (pronounced 'Mate') for the creative team at Airbag Productions. The brief was quite open. It just had to be in the shape of a figure 8.

Below are some concept sketches.
Once the design was narrowed down, the next stage was to refine the sketches to include some shading and volume to help M8 transition into the 3D world.
Once that stage was approved the 3D modelling and rigging began. Working closely with the very talented 3D modeller and rigger Rob Ride, M8 finally transitioned into a fully 3D character ready for animation!

The 12 poses below were created by Marco entirely in Illustrator. Yes, you heard it right, these are fully vector! 
The client wanted these to be vector so that they could use them at any size in all the print applications.

Working closely with Travis Hogg from AirBag Productions Marco animated the M8 character over the live action footage using 3D Studio Max and Redshift.

Below is the final animated TV spot.

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